Actual Facts

        1.   The Pacific Ocean covers 68,634,000 square miles

        2.   The Atlantic Ocean covers 41,340,000 square miles.

        3.   The Indian Ocean covers 29,321,000 square miles

        4.   The lakes and rivers cover 1,000,000 square miles

        5.   The hills and mountains cover 1,9 10,00() square miles.

        6.   The deserts cover 14,000,000 square miles.

        7.   Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high.

        8.   Sound travels at the rate of 1,120 feet per second.

        9.   Light tales at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

        10.  The Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.

        11.  Miles: 1,760 yards equals 1 mile; 5,280 feet equals 1 miles

        12.  The Arctic Ocean covers 390,000 square miles.

              13. There are 12 trillion, 478 billion. 118 million. 400 thousand square inches on the planet Earth.

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