The Conclusion

This completion of our Supreme Mathematics and our Supreme Alphabet is on a Divine scale of justice for our babies to grow mentally through Islam.  They are designed to relieve you or free you from the devils world.

And the Gods who manifested this understanding are very educationally inclined,  We are only preparing a clear path for the children to remain in peace.  This harmony was expressed on a Supreme Force of teaching the Understanding of living mathematics, which is the science of truth that can give or take life.

We accumulated facts of nature and reality through the purity of our minds.  A Pure mind keeps you in accord with these Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, which is knowledge, and Wisdom.  Then you can observe and speak through 120 Lesson and 360 Degrees.

These are only infinite foundations for infinite babies, and all that can comprehend.  I greet you in the highest elevation of intelligence, through the absences of all confusion.



Practice Everything and Complete Eternity

Please Educate Allah’s Children with Equality

The Power Eyes of Allah C (Sees) Everything

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